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Specialists in ballet training bars

“Dinamica ballet” is movable ballet and dance training bars. Thanks to our investigation and developing process we have achieved an optimal utility and quality in these articles, which are already sold to several European countries besides Spain, where they are being profusely employed in ballet and dance schools, sport and cultural centers, theaters, gymnasiums, etc.

Innovation in movable ballet bars and mirrors

Besides the movable bars, which can be easily and nimbly moved, as well as fix bars to floor or wall supports, we have also available bars with regulable height, to be adapted to different pupils’ heights. We have also designed and produced a model of modulated movable mirror, which allows be used in rooms with already occuppied walls or in open zones. All the models of “Dinamica ballet” can be dismounted and they allow their easy removal in voyages, very especially for ballet travelling companies.

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